Hydro Hoping New Version of GE Software Will Do The Trick

Technical issues continue to plague the troubled Labrador-Island Link (LIL) associated with the Muskrat Falls Project.

NL Hydro says it won’t have to rely on the LIL this winter to keep the power on, thanks in large part to the Holyrood generating station.

Good thing, because the reliability of the Labrador-Island Link remains iffy at best.

In its latest monthly report filed with the Public Utilities Board, officials are still unable to say when the major software issues will be resolved.

They say another new version of the GE software will be released and tested soon.

But other issues continue to crop up, the latest being damage to lines, polish and other infrastructure on both sides of the Strait of Bell Isle.

Weather, particularly heavy ice, is believed to be the culprit, but the root causes are still being investigated.

Most of the damage has since been repaired, but only about a third of maximum power continues to flow to the island and Nova Scotia.

Problems also occurred during the last high-powered test of the LIL in November, while other issues continued to play havoc with systems at the Soldiers Pond site.

Officials are hoping for a better result when they again run the same tests on the LIL with new software in the next couple of months.

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